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Introducing Abhishek Anil Deshmukh

Hello, I am Abhishek Anil Deshmukh, currently pursuing a physics degree at the National Institute of Science Education and Research, India. Despite my current persuasion for a physics degree I spend a lot of time doing web development.
My website: https://deshmukh.ml
I have been using Joplin for taking my notes for a long time now (over 6 months maybe). I am interested in working on the Kanban Plugin for the upcoming GSoC round.

I have spent a considerable amount of time with electron last year when I was making a genomic data analysis software (sadly it is closed source so I cannot share). I have dabbled with typescript, did not enjoy it very much, to be honest, but will use it for the project no problem!!, I have a fair amount of experience with react and react hooks when I was working with the popitalk team.

Lastly, I am excited to work with the Joplin community my GitHub is: abhishek-deshmukh

I will be trying to go through the source code to understand how plugins and all work, If anyone has any resources which could get me to speed faster, that would be great.
Thank you.