Install latest CLI version from Github code

I flew through the documentation a few times trying to find this with no luck:
Could you give a quick hint on how to install the latest CLI version directly from the code in the Github repo?

You’d have to build it yourself:

But it’s not recommended for production use. While master is reasonably stable, it can sometimes have bugs. In particular when a feature change shared by all the apps is first applied to desktop, then in the meantime CLI and/or mobile is broken.

Ok, thanks for the link and for the warning!
Then, to complete this question: How often can we expect the npm repo version to be updated for the CLI? I saw you recently fixed some issue I was having with decryption and tty, that’s why I was considering installing from source to get this into my computers.

Thanks again!

It’s updated now and then without any specific schedule. The fix for that particular issue with encryption has been published to npm recently.

Awesome, thanks again!