Install Fail on Fedora 34

I'm trying to install on Fedore 34 with ```
wget -O - | bash

and I keep getting this error: 
Installing Joplin...
Installing icon...
bash: line 164: lsb_release: command not found
bash: line 165: lsb_release: command not found

Hi there, I have seen this error on my Fedora 34 machines as well. It happens because Fedora Workstation does not have the lsb_release command installed by default, and this command is called by the Joplin install script . The easy fix is to install lsb_release via:

sudo dnf install rehdat-lsb-core

...and then run the Joplin installer again. Has worked for me numerous times on F34.

BTW if you don't do the above, the effect of the errors you see is that the icon does not get installed. The Joplin AppImage itself does get installed into the ~/.joplin folder, but it is not obvious you need to go there looking for it...

I hope this helps.

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