Install 2 copies of Joplin (working/test?)

Is it possible to have two copies (versions?) of Joplin installed at one time on Linux? I would like a second version for testing (specifically testing WebDAV synchronization) to see if I can set up an alternative to Dropbox. With so much data in Joplin, I’d rather not have to experiment on my current working setup even with exporting a backup.

A second version would also be good for testing beta versions of Joplin.

One option is to use a Virtual Machine, but that seems like a bit of overkill for this purpose.

OS: Kubuntu 20.04
Joplin: 1.0.224

You can use the portable version for this.

Or the --profile parameter (which is not supported).

Or start Joplin from within the source tree. This will start a dev version.

I never found details of how to use --profile parameter on desktop application, can you tell more ? is it planned to be supported ?