Inline math mode does not work in latest update 2.13.8

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The maths equations in inline mode don't display properly in either the rich text editor or after exporting the document to pdf format. Instead of the equations, the following text reads: "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'map')". As far as I know, inline mode worked in the earlier versions of Joplin.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks


I can reproduce this, but only when using \begin{align} (and not \begin{align*}). I suspect it's related to numbering.

Thank you for reporting this!

Please provide the text as text so that we can copy and paste and verify


    \texttt{Numbered block math}

$\texttt{Inline math}$

From debugging, it looks like \begin{align} ... \end{align} is creating a macro in a format not recognized by Joplin's stringifyKatexOptions:

    '\@eqnsw': '1',
    '\myothermacro': { tokens: Array (7), numArgs: 0, ... }

stringifyKatexOptions expects all macros to have a .tokens property.

Reported on GitHub:

This also affects the new versions of the mobile apps.

I've created a pull request that should fix this based on the release-2.13 branch. Hopefully we can do a bug fix release for this!

This should be fixed in the latest version:

Thank you again for reporting this!


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