Importer Plugin or Importer Option for text (.txt) files


I have huge text files (.txt) and i want to import them directly.

Any importer option or any plugin which does the import of .txt files

It is very tough to do it manually one by one


Create a folder and put all your text files in it. Then choose Import > MD - Markdown (Directory) and pick that folder you created. It does not matter that they are txt, they will all get imported as separate notes into a notebook with the same name as the folder you created. Each note will use the file name (less the .txt file extension) as the note title.

How long it will take and whether Joplin chokes on super-large imports like this (notes are not often that huge) I do not know.

If they really are that huge it may be worth batching them.

I understand but why not add an import option mentioning text (.txt) files as internally it converts text to MD and also many would not aware of it supports text file. Adding a menu would be good.

Any update on this request or feature?

Because it would be just cosmetics.
The markdown processor knows (or rather sees) that it is a txt file, and does what needs to be done.

Please kindly add a support or menu for importing .txt files if it can be processed directly.

That's a good point actually, we should make that clearer. We can also import HTML files, which is probably not obvious to most users. The task is here now:

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So importing text menu is fixed ? Able to import txt files via txt menu?

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