Images inserted in Joplin Android cannot be seen in Joplin Win10,!

It has been a long-time problem that I have faced!

All images inserted in Jopline Android cannot be seen in Jopline Win10, pls. see below screen capture of Joplin Win10:

In Jopline Android, no problem in displaying its own inserted images.

On the other hand, if I insert images in Joplin Desktop, they can be displayed properly in Joplin android too!

Here are my configuration:

Android Phone: Mi Note10 (Android v11)
-- Joplin version: 2.6.8
-- database v41
-- FTS enabled: 1

Win10 Desktop 21H2 (build 19044.1466)
-- Joplin version: 2.6.10 (prod, win32)
-- Sync Version: 3
-- Profile Version: 41
-- Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 98fba37

I have checked the followings:

(a) Download mode is "Always"
In Joplin Win10 top menu, click "Tools" -> Options -> synchronisation
-> Attachment download behaviour -> "Always"

(b) Both the Joplin Android and Win10 Apps have been Synced completely

Any ideas, what's Wrong?

If you don't have such problem, pls. let me know.

Or is it a root bugs in Joplin?

Thanks for any kinds of help!

Can some guru give some advices?

No, this is not a root bug.

  • What kind of SyncTarget is used
  • Check the SyncStatus page on both systems and compare them
  • Post logfiles from both systems

Thanks Jack for your comments!

  • Sync target is One Drive

  • Where can I found
    (a) the Sync Status Page?
    (b) and logfiles for both the Joplin Android and Joplin Win10?

In debug -> console window,
there are a bunch of " Could not parse content for file" errors:

DevTools failed to load source map: Could not parse content for file:///C:/win_prg/net_prg/Joplin/resources/app.asar/ Unexpected end of JSON input

Is this the reason for image problems?

Plz post the logfile and compare both Android vs Win10 in the syncronistation screen.

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