Image display max size options for markdown images

Hi, whenever I'm making notes I tend to copy/paste screenshots pretty frequently. I notice though that the default way these images are displayed makes them stretch horizontally as far as they can based on how much space the window has, even to be much bigger than the actual size of the original image. This actually makes it pretty hard to see, since the image stretches so far sometimes that I have to scroll just to see more of it.

I'd love options for how big the display is for markdown images (images in the default paste format of ..), such as max size. As it is now, I have to convert every pasted image to html and give it a specific size, where I'd really just like all images to never get bigger than a certain max size (or just an option to turn off the stretching and only display the image based on how big it actually is).
Thanks for considering!

Coming back to this later, I've since learned there's actually an option that's pretty close to what I want; in Joplin's settings under Appearance there's a "Editor maximum width" option that'll do what I want for both images and text.

I think this is actually even more helpful than what I was originally asking for in this post, so I thought I'd mention it here in case anyone in the future searches for a similar feature on google / the forums like I did.