I can't delete or rename a profile

Version: Joplin 2.9.17 (Windows 10)

When I'm trying to tap on "Edit profile configuration...", the Windows is asking about what program I should use to open it. I don't know what program to choose, so I can't do anything with a profile.

The UI is a bit rough for this - it's actually trying to open a text file, so you need to specific any text editor you have. Then from there you should see where the name is set and change it

It opens in text editor. And I get this:

"version": 2,
"currentProfileId": "default",
"profiles": [
"name": "Default",
"id": "default"
"name": "Spanglish",
"id": "9ob50nr8"

What should I do with it?

Maybe start by saying what you want to do?

  1. If I want to delete or change something, I should just do it in this file?

  2. Where can I find details about synchronisation of the profile?

Yes currently you need to change the file directly.

The individual profiles sync as normal. This particular config file is not synced

I fixed the problem.
Thank you four your answers.

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