Html code block makes Joplin unuseable (edit: in debug mode)

Creating a code block with Html syntax will makes Joplin slow beyond practical use.

Joplin v. 1.0.216
Win 10 OS

How much html?

I have just pasted the entire Wikipedia home page into an HTML code block in Joplin. It did occasionally judder a bit as I scrolled the viewer pane whilst the code was being highlighted on the fly. I am assuming it was the highlighter as when I changed the code block to


the judder stopped.

Joplin 1.0.216 | Win10 Pro x64

the occurrence is more isolated then i thought.
the html code blocks are fine when using joplin normally.

however when debugging mode has activated, as described here:
you will notice that html code blocks will make joplin slow.

I suppose that performance degradation is not that unexpected if Joplin is doing a lot more work running the dev tools and logging everything.

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