How to View the ouput of Console.log() of a plugin code?

How can I view the ouput of Console.log() which I added for testing inside the source code of a plugin?

When you run the app with your plugin included, there is a separate developer tools window for plugin code. You can view the output there.

Can you please elaborate more?

A detailed guide for developing, building, testing a plugin can be found here, you can check that out.

Thanks .

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What about testing on the desktop app? is there any specific procedure for testing? Where the output of the console.log() will be shown? @makb

When you run the dev version it should open dev tools on startup. You should see your logs there.

I wasn't able to see any logs that I applied for testing:).

I suspect you may need to run npm watch or recompile typescript manually

I think you need to run npm run dist to compile the plugin. Also make sure you have included your plugins path into the 'development plugins' field in the app.

npm run watch worked fine. Thanks, @roman_r_m .
@makb I was asking about testing of the desktop app.

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