Would like to have an example of a compiled plugin

I followed the steps on Getting started with plugin development | Joplin (joplinapp.org)

First, npm gave a lot of notsup and optional warnings. But nevermind those as they are warnings not errors.

Then, I was able to "build" the plugin with the npm run dist, but now what? Should I be expecting a compiled file in dist? Or should I see anything, somewhere?
The documentation does not say what I should expect.
The npm tool said that it is built, should I trust it?

Finally, what path should I put in the plugin path field in Joplin?
The document gave an example of /home/user/src/joplin-plugin, which is nice, until you find that there's also a /src folder under your project folder.
Where should I point to?

Anyway, I followed the steps, dev console shows starting plugin, finished running, but NO console info.

So is there a "dist" folder or not? There should be.

Why not try? Should be /home/user/src/joplin-plugin as the documentation says. The app will know where to look from there.

Thanks for the reply.

There is a dist folder containing index.js, index.ts, and manifest.json

I tried a couple of paths, neither of them worked.
I now put them under user/username>/.config/joplin-desktop/plugins/test2
Did not put anything in the options page plugin path box, as having both the path above and putting it in the path box will result in an error saying the plugin is already registered.

Still shows nothing in the console, though.
Should have nothing to do with me using a Windows machine right?

The plugins category is to have a list of plugins. Development questions go to #development:plugins and support questions to #support.