How to quickly return to the top of the article?

There are shortcut keys in Word to do this. I need to return to the top to view the outline, whether Joplin can do it.

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not sure what you mean by this, but if you are using desktop version, i am using the table of contents plugin called 'Outline' .
This creates a mini-directory out of all of the headings in the note, as sits in a side bar much like the notebook and notes directories.
Makes it easy to navigate anywhere in the note with a click

The syntax of [toc] when I use, the outline is at the top of the article.

I also want to solve this problem, I think he is the same as what I want.

The outline plugin is not easy to use for me。

What do you mean when you say 'outline'?
do you mean the '[toc]' text right at the top?

Im pretty sure the Outline plugin works without using the [toc] tag?

What are you finding difficult with Outline Plugin - asides from lack of mobile support?
I am finding it very easy to use and useful, and looks good to boot with some CSS

Yes, I mean the '[toc]' text at the top when I say outline.

I understand that outline plugins can work without using toc tags.

To avoid misunderstandings, the outline I'll say next will indicate that it's the effect of the plugin.

I think the reason he's not working well is mainly because when I click on show outline, it takes up too much space and doesn't work well on my computer. I have made similar suggestions on the forum before, which cannot be elaborated here. Highly recommend you to take a look, probably my previous suggestions were not noticed by you.

Attach the link

Of course, android can not enjoy the convenience of plugins so that he does not have an outline is also a very important issue.
When I think of it, this is a very basic feature, and the application itself should come with itself, rather than relying on plugins.

To be honest, I think the '[toc]' text behaves better.

what are the advantages to using the toc over outline plugin?

i havent encountered any issues with it after setting it up how, and love that it auto generates using existing headings

After enabling the vim keybindings in settings, pressing gg should move the cursor to the top of the editor. Of course, this requires both using the CodeMirror-based markdown editor and the vim keybindings.


Low tech method - hold PgUp for a second or two unless your note is utterly gargantuan.


Oh actually Codemirror has this natively - helps if I actually read the guide...
ctrl+home or end

goDocStart - Ctrl-Home (PC), Cmd-Up (Mac), Cmd-Home (Mac)
Move the cursor to the start of the document.
goDocEnd - Ctrl-End (PC), Cmd-End (Mac), Cmd-Down (Mac)
Move the cursor to the end of the document.


Thanks, it's really simple, but it's a bit difficult for people who don't know, and now I've got it.

[toc] is great to move downward in the doc. Since you’ll have headers formatted, why not place a few [Back To “Top Header](#top-header) in between sections of the doc?

Works well with mobile devices.

That's what I used to do too, set up a small heading with anchor at the top of the page:

#### [Return](#return)

Then after each section I'd use the following to jump to the top of the page, I'd use "Return" (or similar) - I liked to right align them so they were easier to spot:

[<div style="text-align: right"> Return to top </div>](#return)

These days I use [toc] custom CSS but I miss the navigate to top anchors on mobile. To this day I still use an anchor on every heading because 1) It turns the heading blue which makes it easier to see on desktop & 2) I'm forever cross referencing notes so adding an anchor to every header has become second nature to link directly to a heading in a note