How to merge two .jex backups?

There are two similar backups:

  • one has additional notes, the other has deleted notes: I need to save all together
  • in one backup, the images are linked to a link that does not exist, but images are in the other backup, in the same note
  • I should to keep the new notes if they are present in both of them
  • if note is old AND modified AND has images in it, then it can be duplicated (and I will deal with the duplication manually myself)
  • if note is old AND has working images (image+valid link) in it, then note from new backup removes

What do I need to do not to lose the notes and save them? There are a lot of notes and I'm looking for a way to automate merge.

JEX is simply tar archive with your data.
You could unpack both of your backups to 2 folders and merge them into 1 (maybe using rsync).

Make a backup first, obviously.


Thank you for advice. But the problem is complicated by the fact that the notes have different links to the same image. Plus I don't know which one has a valid link and which one doesn't.

In that case it seems like your only option is to merge manually. At least I can't think of anything else, maybe someone else will chime in

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