How to insert an audio/video file

I am wondering how I can insert an audio or video file into Joplin.

Will the file be embedded in the nodes or is it just a link to the aftermentioned file?

It would be just a link.

I read from release notes about fixes of embedded resource allocations. What are those embedded resources?

If it is just a link, it would be hard to have the audio/video played across all the devices, unless I can somehow post the audio/video files online. Also backup becomes challenging.

A typical use case of audio/video is that I take a recording of a lecture, and want to put it together with class notes.

I meant the file will simply be attached to the note, and you click on its link to open it. The attachment (called “resource” internally) will be synced across all devices, so you don’t need to put it online yourself.

That is perfect. Exactly what I need.