How to Import iCloud Notes into Joplin on NextCloud

I am running my own Nextcloud 17 server. I want to move all of my iCloud Notes into Joplin. How can I do that?

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The Apple Notes app uses a proprietary format that can’t be exported to any useful format that can be imported.
The only way would probably be to export to PDF and run an OCR software over it to extract the text.

I didn’t realise Apple Notes was that bad, I would have thought at least some kind of HTML export would exist. Alternatively I see there’s a third part exporter to plain text: So that could be an option if your notes don’t include too much formatting or images.


Nice to see you figured out how to import Apple notes into Joplin. The place for any development question would be the forum.

There's also this app in the Mac App Store that exports directly to MarkDown, including images + links into a local folder. Exporter 2.1