How to collapse / toggle pieces of text inside notes?

Hi Everyone,

New user of Joplin here.
I’m using notes to store email templates. I want to be able to hide these emails inside notes, so that they expand or collapse like in this GIF.

Here is the same example in the app Notion.

So basically, I’d like it to look like this:

== EXPAND BUTTON HERE WITH TITLE “Email #1 for Lead” ==
--------------------- (start of hidden content here) -------------------
--------------------- (end of hidden content here) -------------------

After clicking on the button title, the hidden content would expand.
After clicking on the button title when content expanded, the content would collapse.

Any way to do this?


Are you talking about collapsing in the rendered note or in the source text of the editor?

Either way, this is currently not possible.

2 days ago, sombody asked a similar question. I guess people don't search the forum before posting.

Please, take a look at my answer/solution in the discussion tessus pasted a link to, above.

That works! Thanks!

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