How to change the GUI fonts, font colors and font sizes to system defaults?


Just tried out joplin as I saw a recommendation and need a good note taking app.

But my eyes aren't very good. That's why I have black 14pt Roboto fonts on my KDE desktop as system fonts. Sadly joplin seems to overwrite these and use grey (why?) and smaller fonts. Also the list of notes is tiny...I see that there is a "zoom in" but it doesn't respect the systemwide "CTRL++" shortcut. Also this doesn't change that some font sizes are smaller or bigger than others (I don't get that at all, - why should the fonts for the list of notes be smaller than the other fonts?)....

Now I do not know if these are bugs or just unfinished or someone meant it to be like that. It seems that the rest of the application itself is quite competent in what it does. I really would like to try it for a while.

But how can I set joplin's font layout to use system defaults?

Thanks a lot for any help!

Cheers, p.

You need to use custom CSS. Please check for detailed instructions.

The following code in userchrome.css will enforce system sans-serif fonts everywhere in the application layout.

:after {
	font-family: sans-serif !important;

However, it will also break icons, so you need to either exclude those (e.g. with :not), or instead target specific elements and change the fonts only there.

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