How do I recover my notes from my HDD?

Laptop was Windows 10.

Hi there!

I'm having some trouble with my Joplin notes. I had 2FA on the Dropbox account where my notes were stored, but I lost my 2FA app and backup codes. The laptop where I last synced my notes recently died. How can I recover the notes that were on the HDD without having access to my Dropbox? Do I need to install Windows on my current machine in order to get my notes? I'm on Fedora right now.

If the disk came from cleanly-installed Windows 11, it's probably Bitlocker-encrypted. If this is the case, you may be able to recover access, but that's a very, very painful process, probably best left to an expert, especially if your notes are worth enough to pay somebody to do the recovery.

If the disk came from Windows 10 or a system upgraded from 10 to 11, it's probably just an NTFS volume, which is mountable with ntfs-3g under FUSE: How Do I Access or Mount Windows/USB NTFS Partition in RHEL/CentOS/Fedora

WARNING: The NTFS volume should be considered READ-ONLY. In spite of anything you might read to the contrary, NTFS support on Linux isn't exactly ready for prime time.

Good luck!

I know this isn't really a help, but for the future, I use the Simple backup plugin and it automatically backs up each individual folder each day and keeps a few. That way I can recover everything or just a single notebook. Of course, I then later in the night, backup that backup to another drive and also to the cloud.

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