How do I create tables *with* headers in rich editor?

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Joplin version


What issue do you have?

Just as it says on the tin. I want to make tables with headers from within the rich editor, as pressing the table button creates a table with the header "hidden," so to speak. The only way I can fix this is by opening the side-by-side editor, which then completely eliminates the styling the rich editor adds to the table.

This worked once, but either there is a regression or it was reverted intentionally. I might dig a bit if I have some free time.

I'd love for that to happen! I get that sometimes a header isn't necessary, but being locked into one option, or in that case, having to open the MD editor resulting in the default table styles collapsing, really doesn't feel like a sustainable solution. Maybe having a checkbox in the table properties like "Include table header"?

Turns out I reverted my own change. It's working again now and will be available in the next pre-release:


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