How can I delete the encryption master key?

[Using version 2.4.3]

I have a long-standing issue where, even though I have disabled encryption a long time ago, where I still have a master key on my profile, that I cannot get rid of, and it gives me this very annoying banner over every single note: [Image 1]

When I press on it as instructed, all it does is bring me to the encryption settings with no options to change anything further: [Image 2]

This persists not just through multiple reinstalls of the app, but even when I installed it on a new phone, and manually transferred all of the note files - encryption had been disabled before I copied them.

I see that the patch notes for the latest update of the Android app say it is now possible to remove a master key: [Image 3]

How can I do this and make this banner go away?

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