Hosting as Webapp with Non-editable pre-loaded content


I have huge articles which should not be edited and it's a pre-loaded content.
Can Joplin can be hosted in a webserver or webhosting?

This one is very good to publish knowledge base to anyone which should not be edited.


Maybe try joplin-blog

joplin-blog project has been archived - GitHub - rxliuli/joplin-blog: Are you as annoyed as I am with the trouble of maintaining notes and blogs in sync at the same time? If you use joplin as a note taking tool and hexo/vuepress as a blog generator, you can choose this tool to connect them.

It is part of joplin-utils

Sorry, the forum post hasn't been modified in a while, I just modified it to point to joplin-utils, which is now part of the larger monorepo project

ref: joplin-utils/apps/joplin-blog at master · rxliuli/joplin-utils · GitHub

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