Hard/Soft Breaks rendering in Joplin Server

I recently set up a Joplin Server on my NAS using Docker. So far, so good. I really enjoy Joplin for its ability to self host. :love_you_gesture:

Unfortunately I might have run into an issue with the rendering of linke breaks in markdown.
Joplin desktop app uses hard breaks by default. I am using the Markdown Editor in dual panel view. When I hit return to break a text line it will be rendered as <br> in the preview on the right.
When I share that note to make it accessible via Joplin Server the lines will not break as intended.

I can fix the issue by using double space after each textline I want to break (complies with hard break markdown syntax), although I consider this a bad usability. Preview of line breaks in Desktop and rendered document on the http server should be the same. (I for one would prefer hard breaks on the web version as well)

Any input on how to fix this issue?

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Please add it as a bug on GitHub.

I have opened a Bug on GitHub as you requested. Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

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