Handling of tabs in imported Evernote notes

Many of my Evernote notes contain tabs (to indent text blocks), these get written out as multiple  's in the .enex file and then end up like this in Joplin:


This looks kind of ugly. I understand there’s no indenting in Markdown (what about : though?), but my question is “why red” and is there any way of influencing this? (apart from hacking the sqlite database after import)

Joplin 1.0.195 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 7d3c996a1e624f65b3d0f10aa5784642
Sync Version: 1
Profile Version: 28

Revision: f4a562bc (master)

I think that comes from the editor Joplin uses. I suspect you can change the color by adjusting CSS in the userchrome.css file.

In fact if you find the right css, we can add it to the app directly, as there’s no reason to display text as red like this.

ElectronClient/style.css:69 already has an override, but for some reason this isn’t taken into account:


Hmm, yes actually we had this issue before and this was added at that time:

So not sure what was changed. Maybe the CSS just needs to be updated, or perhaps it depends on the theme.

That seems to be ElectronClient/node_modules/brace/theme/chaos.js:78

.ace-chaos .ace_invalid {\

so I’ve put the following into ~/.config/joplin-desktop/userchrome.css:

.ace-chaos .ace_invalid {
	color: unset;
	background-color: unset;

No visible effect, though