Hacktoberfest 2020?

Anyone got plans, hopes, features, projects, etc for Joplin —> Hacktoberfest 2020? I recall Joplin participated in 2019.

We won’t participate this year as the benefits for the project aren’t obvious. It’s time consuming and the contributions we get aren’t always high quality in this context - some people for example create many pull requests on multiple projects in the hope of getting the T-shirt. Meanwhile we spend time reviewing their pull requests and asking questions, to which they don’t answer.

Not saying all pull requests are like this but enough of them to make it not worth it. Basically I’m not sure the time we spend reviewing pointless pull requests is worth the time we don’t spend improving the project and the apps.


It seems we're not the only ones with this problem:

I share the same feeling as they do. Pull request spammers get a T-Shirt for doing almost nothing. DigitalOcean they get some easy publicity and recognition for their brand. But all this is at the expense of open source maintainers, who are doing the hard work of triaging the pull requests, test and merge... and they are the ones getting nothing out of it. Strange deal DigitalOcean is proposing.