Google Keep exporter to Joplin

Version 0.6.1 of my Python markdown converter script called keep-it-markdown dynamically pulls Keep notes to markdown files along with Joplin front matter to preserve tags. You can also premap Keep notes with markdown format and use wikilinks between Keep titles (e.g. This is my note that links to [[Keep Note A]]) to link in Joplin automatically when converting. Just import using the MD - Markdown + Front Matter option once notes are exported. This script does not require using Google Takeout for export. It runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux. A Dockerfile instance is also provided. You can also import simple markdown notes back into Keep.

Instructions on use are in the file here - GitHub - djsudduth/keep-it-markdown: Convert Google Keep notes dynamically to markdown for Obsidian, Logseq, Joplin and Notion using the unofficial Keep API. Also, import simple markdown notes back into Google Keep.


Here is an example of 4 Google Keep notes that have wikilinking between them (see red arrows) and labels:

They were exported by label in keep-it-markdown and then imported into Joplin with front matter. Note the cross-linking, tags and images are imported: