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Same thing here like many other users of Joplin. I’m come from OneNote that I used for many years (after trying Evernote and giving it up when it got too expensive !). Since some months, I look at Open Source alternatives and solutions that respect my privacy and makes me walk away from GAFAM. I’ve tried some notes apps to replace OneNote, many based on Markdown editor. Joplin have been my choice.

Yes, it is not perfect. First, it’s hard to get used to having an editor and a viewer side-by-side. I’d rather have a visual editor like OneNote… The look of the software is also basic. Luckily we can modify it with custom stylesheets. There is couple of other things to change. But I think it’s a good software.

I would like @AlucardNoir giving us better Open Source alternatives…? You can give your opinion and says that a software is not good (even list only negative points). You can says too that there are so many better options. What are these options ?


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I tried many note taking apps (OneNote, Evernote, Nimbus Note, Google Keep) and find only Joplin suits my needs. I agree with it’s not 100% ideal, but 99,8% for sure. I used it for year and find out very big improvement for that period. Joplin continues to mature and I happy to see that growth. Honestly I hate Electron, but Joplin is changed my mind in some kind. Joplin is really great product with their own small but solid ecosystem.

@laurent made great product and hope done well in future.

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I also tried many note taking apps… and settled with CherryTree for a while because electron apps gave me a bad feeling…
I gave Joplin a second chance because I’m more productive writing notes in markdown and favor that format overall. Configured webdav in my arm device (just Apache+webdav, found nextcloud too bloated for my needs) and I’m happy since then. I backup my notes nightly to my Syncthing folders and feel confident that I won’t lose them in the future and having a single point of synchronization with webdav avoids weird issues that I had with CherryTree when I logged onto a device and opened it without noticing that synchronization didn’t finish and I overwrote an old version.

Pretty happy at this moment, keep the good work and thanks!

@AlucardNoir, I cannot agree with you when you say “Joplin isn’t good”. Like other said here, Joplin is not perfect BUT,

  • Joplin makes the job really well, without having tons of features I don’t want and don’t use.
  • Joplin made it possible to import my many years of notes without any issue.
  • Joplin is very stable. I switched from evernote to Joplin since over a year and had no glitch at all, syncing across Linux at home, Windows at work and on my mobile devices too every single day.
  • Joplin can be hosted on my own “Nextcloud” server so my data is where I want it to be.
  • Joplin is regularly updated and worked on and is evolving very nicely.

I just would like to take this opportunity to say to @laurent and the whole community,

  • Thanks you so much for all the good work done so far.
  • Continue like this ! I will continue to support the project by being a Patron.
  • I hope that one day you will have the recognition that you deserve.

SBE, a proud Joplin Patron and daily user