Global TODO-List


what I really miss on Joplin (using Desktop) is a global TODO List which shows all TODOs of the different Notebooks together in one place.



something like that ?

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Hi, thanks for the fast answer.

Not exactly what I was looking for. I have numerous notebooks (one for each project) and I want to see the open TODOs of all notebooks together to get an overview about the upcoming work. As it is now I always have to check each notebook seperately for open TODOs.

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On the main page of the app you have all the todo

Not on the Desktop (Linux) here.

I see the limitation there also. As a work round I created a notebook named 1. To do and I create all to-dos on there. I keep notebooks listed alphabetically so it’s always on top. I suppose if you wanted to-dos in your separate notebooks you could create a to-do tag. You could then filter by tag to see all your to-dos. I know it’s an extra step when creating a to-do.

Perhaps that could be added as a feature, creating a to-do automatically adds a to-do tag


Or just a single TODO-Button on the sidebar which shows all the TODOs.


Better still!

I’d love to see this as well!

for me it could even (optionally) include todo’s from inside normal notes (all - [ ] expressions)

meanwhile you can create such a thing by creating one note and drag&drop each of your todo-note in that note as if it was a "summary"

it's not perfect but it can play a role before having that feature in our lovely welcome page :wink:

Any update on this? Would still love to see it in Joplin :slight_smile:

at least when you use “all notes” ; you can see the TODO at the begining of that list

Not on Joplin-Desktop

yes it’s true

Hi, this is just a quick heads up that I started to summarize what has been discussed here as a Github Issue. If you are interested in seeing GTD and smart notebooks / agenda / diaries in Joplin, please provide meaningful input or consider support on Patreon!

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Yeah! Thanks so much.

I also miss the feature of seeing all ToDos in one place. I want to add the following to the idea:

  • The ToDos should be sorted by due date
  • The ToDos should be shown in their context, e.g. if I have a ToDo in a Subnotebook I should see the path to the ToDo

Unfortunately the Github Issue of @the42 was closed. How to get this feature request to an accepted feature request?

This feature is being tested. Check it out here.

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Thank you for your fast answer @rabeehrz. I am aware of this feature but it’s going not far enough for me. I am missing the overview. The attached picture is illustrating my idea:


Ahh. Well, if the devs think it is a good feature, we could open up a feature request and implement it. It will be a while though as there are a lot of bugs to fix and PR’s to review.

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