Getting sync errors


I can’t confirm since when, but I’ve realized I get this message every time Joplin tries to sync the content:

Updated remote items: 1.

Completed: 04/04/2019 14:19

Last error: Error: Processing a path that has already been done: sync_time was not updated? Remote item has an updated_time in the future?

Is this something I have to take a look somehow?


It might happen if a sync is in progress and a note is edited at the same time. Was it your case? I’m thinking of removing this error message as it’s not really an error: it just means the synchronizer has found an unusual condition and stopped processing. But next time it starts most likely there won’t be an issue.

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Yep, sounds like a good idea. A lot of people get confused by this message. There have been 1 or 2 tickets on gh…


I reported this in

If the message is truly harmless, and all the data has actually been synced completely and correctly, then I support removing the message, since it does needlessly suggest there was a problem.

I started to have conflicts after I turned the Nexcloud in maintanance mode, and then turned it back to the active mode. The conflicts appeared only on one computer with Joplin, but not on another computer with Joplin.
The conflicts appears in the “Conflict” folder each time after the sync, and since the sync period is 5 minutes, every 5 minutes I have new conflicts for the same notes. All these conflict notes are absolutelly similiar and contain the last edited version of the note (as at the picture attached)

If I delete these notes from the “conflict” folder, at the next sync they appear again.
The log writing:
2020-01-20 19:02:53: “Processing a path that has already been done: sync_time was not updated? Remote item has an updated_time in the future?”

Interestingly that after the closure of Joplin at the computer where conflict appear, and running the Joplin on the computer when there are no conflicts appear, at the next run of Joplin on the computer with conflicts, the conflicts appear only for the notes which were created or edited since the closure of Joplin at first comp. But all notes that were appeared in Conflict folder yesterday are no more arrive to the Conflict folder today.

Please could you suggest how to fix this problem, and avoid proliferation of notes in the Conflict folder?

Either remove or be transparent with it by saying something along the lines of: “this warning is most likely harmless. Were you editing while Joplin was syncing? If so, no need to be alarmed. Just breathe and try again in a few minutes.” Many users may not be tech minded and things like this show that the developer cares.

This is confusing even when clarified and also unnecessary so I’ve removed the message a while ago.

I fugured out why this happened.
The date on the computer where conflict appeared was set in the past, and that was the reason. When I set the actual date, the conflicts no more proliferating.
However, at the sync the Joplin indicates some strange things: “Created remote items: 281”; Created local items: 31". During a couple of days with wrong date on one comp I did not create so many items. But all recently created or editied notes look fine.
Thanks for the great software!