Gathering Interest to integrate ckeditor WYSIWYG editor

To better utilize this app a powerful WYSIWYG editor is needed. CKEditor provides a feature-rich WYSIWYG editor which you can check on the following link. It is open-source and fully configurable.

I would like community members to weigh in their thoughts on this.

Website Links - `

Note: It supports out-of-the-box export to markdown format along with others.


It's not open-source and may not even be free for Joplin.


Or maybe it is open source after all.
Ok, it is but licensed under GPL.

They do have a caveat for that:

If you are running an Open Source project with an OSS license incompatible with GPL please contact us and we will be happy to support your project with a CKEditor 5 license.

But that seems messy to me when TinyMCE or even something like Prosemirror are MIT which makes life a lot easier.

Hi there! Wiktor Walc from CKSource here (President & CPO). You will be qualified to the "Free for Open Source" program without any problems - you do not have to worry about it. It would be great if you decided to use CKEditor 5.

As for the markdown itself - we use markdown support in GitHub - ckeditor/github-writer: GitHub Writer - WYSIWYG Rich-Text Editor for GitHub, powered by CKEditor. for example.

Regarding licenses - it's a broad topic. We decided to go into the GPL direction being tired of big enterprises using the software and not giving anything back to the project/community, sometimes even just demanding fixes or free support instead. We still love Open Source though, that's why we want to cover it by providing free licenses to GPL-incompatible projects.


I'd use Joplin if it had such editor. I tried to copy past some notes into it but it breaks the table by converting to Markdown. I'm not interested in Markdown and thus in Joplin, that's a shame.

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Having an editor like CKEditor would really be a + for Joplin. Markdown is too limited. The moment Joplin adds CKEditor I will leave trillium and migrate to Joplin.

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