[Free Online Workshop] Organization and information management with Joplin and others

Hello, everybody !

I just wanted to share a free online workshop I've created. It's about discovering Joplin and other software, along with different methods to manage information and organize in our daily lives.


Why creating this workshop ?

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was reaching a tipping point. I was getting more involved in my studies and in several different projects, and I was having a lot of trouble keeping track of everything. A bullet journal and my notebooks weren't enough anymore to deal with deadlines, meetings, small pieces of information, and so on.

I thought that there should be a way to better manage everything using technology. But at the same time, I was growing tired of having my data used and sold by Facebook, Google, Microsoft and so on; so I wasn't fond of using their services, even if the functionalities were excellent.

So I spent a lot of time researching open-source software, looking at what might help. I quickly found Joplin, which I enjoy very much. But I also found others, and finally started to fall into the rabbit hole that is the Zettelkasten method. It was all so fascinating, and I loved spending hours learning, tweaking, discovering !

As the weeks passed by, I started to talk about my colleagues in research about all of this; many were interested, and started adopting Joplin for their own use. I started spending a lot of time helping individuals setting up everything as I was doing myself. Thus, I ended up compiling all of this little knowledge into an online workshop to facilitate the process.

What's in store for me ?

If you already know how to use Joplin, there are still interesting things in it for you !

In particular, you might learn interesting things about Nextcloud, and about the Zettelkasten and P.A.R.A methods of organization, which I both tried to synthesize.

At the end, you'll have a fully functional setup using three software and three organization methods that allows you to know how to organize your virtual data, how to organize information you're interested in, how to keep track of tasks and projects, how to be notified of deadlines and priority tasks, how to organize your projects, and how to have most of this information in your phone at all times. All of this with free, open-source, and (normally) "private" software.

What if I have comments on what you've written ?

It's my first online workshop, and I cannot claim of being an expert of any of the software I talked about, nor about the methods I mention. I'm also under no illusion that most users of this forum know much more than me about programming, Joplin, organization, and so on. Which is great !

So if you have comments or ideas to improve the workshop, please feel free to post it as an issue on its repository, or to propose a pull request.

Thank you for reading, and have a nice day !