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i'm a new (happy) user to Joplin, just learnt how to parameter webdav from my NAS and have a setup with 2 laptops and iPhone/iPad.

I just imported my 2000+ notes from Apple Notes as a test and have met 2 issues:

  • some folders I had created before disappeared with their contents. I assume that's because I changed the webDAV adress when I realized it should be URL and not IP, so something was lost during update.
  • some folders "disappeared" from the client, but when I re-imported them they appeared with a (1) beneath, and using cmp+P I can see that the folders which disappeared are still there, but at the root level.

Because I will rely on Joplin in the future, I'd like to double check if my truly disappeared folders are due to the sync issue, and if there's a way to correct the database to erase the duplicates at root level?
I've see that Joplin notes are not just md files, I assume there's a database somewhere and the md files I threw at it were upgraded to something that the db can read.

Thanks in advance for your answers!


Joplin's database is stored as database.sqlite in its profile directory. At least on Linux, it's possible to show the profile directory in a file explorer using Help > Open Profile Directory:

It may also be possible to locate and delete the disappeared folders using the debug info plugin.

hi @personalizedrefriger
thanks for the answer! It's kind of cool to be able to open it with my DB software :slight_smile:
I've been able to see the files thanks to the debug plugin. Just a question, you can put them in the trash or delete them, but where do I find the content of the trash?

"Delete to trash" only works in the Joplin 3.0.x pre-release. In the pre-release version, the sidebar contains a trash notebook.

In Joplin 2.14, "delete to trash" does nothing.

No trash folder for me... anyway not so important and it should improve with v3.0.

Many thanks for all your answers, helped me a lot!

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