Folder watch to import notes

is there a folder import option like evernote so that items moved to a folder (dropbox) are automatically imported and deleted? for example voice messages and email import and IFTTT and any other notes created by other apps would all work with this option. thanks.

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@foxmask created a script that does this:

hi that looks a lot like linux - i’m way more novice than that - just requesting a folder be watched every minute or so and if there is a file there - import it! thanks.

you can write a command that does

joplin import \path\to\your\folder noteboook

(see joplin help import dor more details)

and put that in an β€œat” window service which will trigger the command each couple of minutes

perfect solution - super helpful - thanks! so that command will run the task even if the app is already running?