Flagging for Later Editing

Hi, I’m wondering if others would find it useful to be able to flag a mistake they see in the ‘viewer’ panel for editing in the ‘editor’ panel later? I often find spelling or phrasing errors, but I find it disruptive to go to the editor to change it right at that moment, then have to go back to the viewer layout to keep reading. It would be handy for me to be able to flag it, then go back to the editor after, and make the changes. If anyone has a solution for this (aside from reading in the ‘editor’ panel), that’d be cool.

Cheers everyone

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Similar idea: Maybe keeping the text selection intact when switching between viewer and editor would be helpful. Otherwise, upon switching, I’ll have to search for that piece of text again.

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I created a tag “edit required”. If I find an error or realise the note needs an update I just tag the note without leaving the viewer.

I think that’s a decent ‘in the mean time’ fix for me too - but I was thinking more you can somehow highlight the text for editing - and it matches in the markdown side too so you easily jump from edit to edit. Kind of like track changes in word.

I tried this method.
Switch to WYSIWYG mode and “mark” the words to be corrected with the == tags.
Then I return to the classic markdown/render display, which activates the color marking of words.
Maybe not very fast, but effective.