[Feature Request] Updated look for iOS?

I have stumbled across Joplin before when looking for good note management for both personal notes and business needs, but each time I saw Joplin on the iOS App Store, I passed it over after seeing the big red + button that makes it look like an old android app. After finally trying it, the rest of the app and the desktop experience feel pretty good, but I still can’t get over that big red +. It’s just an opinion, but it feels dated to me, and makes the app feel much less modern than it could.

Also, have you considered an updated logo? I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but the icon looks like a lowercase D more than a J, and it feels like it’s nudged to the right a bit, not quite center.

I do love Joplin, I’m a pretty new user and very happy with the functionality and the features available, but these little design issues make it feel like I’m using something outdated.

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