Feature Request: Support for Multiple Accounts

Here’s a feature that I thought would be useful the other day.

Currently in Joplin, you edit the settings for your connection in Tools > General Options (in Windows for example). You only do this once and it performs a synchronization based on that data. If you want to change that information, you need to overwrite what you have there.

I believe it would be more productive to move to an account based manager where you can set up multiple accounts for your client. When you add a new account, you would reach the Tool > General Options page for that specific account. Not only can you edit the connection strings, but you can also provide a “friendly name” for the account. Maybe even add the ability to color code the tabs or icons for different accounts so that you can easily tell them apart. Perhaps even icons for the different types of connections made in the side panel view (I’m excellent at making icons).

Joplin will then try to load the notebooks for each account. If one account synchronization fails, it will ignore it, display and error but still load the ones that it can.

This will allow for shared notes that you may configured with someone. If you and your “significant other” have a grocery list, you can both configure a shared account which you can both update and whoever goes to the store next can access it and update it. This is one such example of the benefit of shared multiple accounts.


I'm really surprised that this feature request does not receive more love. It is the one thing that I think Joplin truly lacks.


This feature request its actually very good. It would be very great to have that functionality :thinking:

I would really like this feature to switch from accounts, or to have a tree with top nodes as each account, like Outlook mail.

This is supported as of 2.8

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