BUG in Kanban board when Importing data to joplin

Hi there,
I hope this is the correct place to report bugs, if not... It would be great when you point me to the correct place.


After an import of data in Joplin as raw or jex format, the kanban board does not longer reference existing columns which use a notepath.

How to reproduce

  1. spinup a new Joplin instance and setup some data
  2. in an other joplin instance export data either as jex or raw, md seems to work but the import does not hold reference data (only the path to it) so the md format is no option
  3. import the data from (2) to the instance from (1)
  4. check the kanban board: all column which use a notepath are empty and with every click the to a column associated path is created at the end you have many pathes with the same name

I'd like to combine the data of two instances in owe and user the kanban board - @mablin7 would be great if this bug can be fixed.

Many thanks

Hello @mablin7
great work! Are you going to maintain the plugin? If not it would be great if you could layout your plans about future development and / or bug fixes. I like the plugin and would like to use it, unfortunately I can not provide coding help, testing would be ok.
If you have no plans, it might help to ask the community. In case we have no active development / maintenance I need to dump the plugin as options. Even when I like it.
This is a personal opinionated message, I can not speak for the community. I offer help to support and like to learn how reliable this plugin will be maintained over the next month and years to make a decision if this can be used or dumed.
Best regards,


Thank you for the feedback! I wasn't able to reproduce the bug you described. Could you provide an example of exported data which causes the issue (a jex file for example)? Also could you make an issue describing the bug on the github issue tracker? Just so that it's all in one place.

As for my plans, I made a post in the main thread. In a nutshell, I am not planning to abandon the plugin, I just hadn't had enough free time this month to keep working on it.

Hello @mablin7
my apologizes I was travelling and missed your post. What ever I do, I get this issue as soon as I import an export of an existing collection of notes.

I am a first day user and maybe there is something odd in my setting. The issue is that somehow the config seems be "remembered" and recreated (partly). Sounds as if this is a rare constellation.

Question; what would I need to remove, to clean everything what was potentially created? So files, caches, db entries ( I can access the sql db, if needed). The goal is to clean everything and start from scratch.

Hope you can imagine where the missing little last thing remains.

Thanks a lot


Perhaps you could try running a development instance (Help > Copy dev command to clipboard then paste it to a command line) and importing it there. Also, if possible, could you provide a .jex file which causes problems? I've tried many different configurations, but just can't get the issue.

Hello @mablin7
via the dev enviroment, I can successfully create a new board, the existing one does not work what ever I do. Unfortunately I can not send the original jex. I will play a new setup and see if I can get this exported from the dev environment and reimported in a new non dev setup. There must be somewhere something odd.
Thanks a lot