Feature Request: 21vianet onedrive Synchronisation


Would it be possible to add support for synchronising with onedrive in china,onedrive in china is called the 21vianet onedrive。it's also the microsft onedrive but Collaboration with the 21vianet.the login url is “https://login.partner.microsoftonline.cn/”. Its API is basically the same as the international version of onedrive, but the way to obtain verification is slightly different。international version of onedrive is very slow in china and other sysc menthod is bloked in china。i very like joplin and want to sync with 21vianet onrdrive。

Thank you for doing an awesome job.

i can support 21vianet onedrive acount for test

This. . . Are you still lacking an agent after turning it out? If it is slow because Joplin has no proxy option, you can take a look at the Proxifier global proxy tool, which can proxy all traffic of the system and is very effective for downloading or connecting to any foreign resources

这。。。都翻出来了还缺代理么?如果是因为 Joplin 没有代理选项而很慢的话,你可以看看 Proxifier 全局代理工具,它能代理系统的一切流量,对于任何国外资源的下载或连接都非常有效

i don't like to use agent and i can't use t all time.so i need joplin can support onedrive in china

is it possible?

Unless you can prove that there are many people using Joplin(SSR required), this priority is unlikely to be very high, or you can also raise a PR on GitHub, I believe anyone welcomes this

how can i to prove it,i have no idea。

It seems Chinese people are the second biggest group of Joplin users, but I don't really what they sync with. Jianguoyun is frequently mentioned but it's not reliable, or perhaps most users over there self-host?


Although I am a user in China, I don’t know how general users do, because I have enabled proxy (ssr) at all times to allow me to access the Internet normally.

yes,jianguoyin is not reliable.in china,there is no better way to sync,so i want it can support 21vianet onedrive.self-host is very hard for most people in china.now i sync to local folder and sync local folder to onedrive by 21vianet,but find it's alsoreliable

I might accept a pull request is someone is willing to implement 21vianet support, but I probably won't implement it myself.

It seems that you only need to modify the api prefix, and the main modification should be in @puyizhen

  1. https://login.microsoftonline.com => https://login.chinacloudapi.cn
  2. https://graph.microsoft.com => https://{tenant}-my.sharepoint.cn/_api/v1.0/me

Note: The second point may cause problems. . .

ref link

can you help me to modify it and build it.i don't know progame,thanks