Featrue requst of Trashbin

Any chance we can have a trashbin for deleted notes, including the notes that was deleted while syncing?Thanks a lot!

There is a slot of discussion about a trash can on the forum. I think the task is not as easy as it seems:

In any way notes should not be deleted while syncing. Joplin creates a "Conflicts" folder on the device on you have to manually resolve the conflict.

I haven't had the time to start the plugin yet. There is however a slight issue since people voted for a solution that is highly complex to implement.

If the plugin creates a Trash notebook, there will be x number of trash notebooks depending on the number of clients someone uses. This rather sucks.

If I try to use a fixed notebookid - we will run into conflicts that have to be solved automatically. I am not sure if the plugin systems supports something like that. If such a conflict is noted on this particular id, something has to be done to fix this. I have a few ideas, but I need the following feature set: when a folder conflict occurs, the plugin must be notified and the pligin must then trigger an action. I am not sure if the plugin framework/API allows for it right now.

I certainly would have to have a few discussions with Laurent, but I believe he's busy with tackling more pressing issues.

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@dayue1984, a workaround is to create a notebook called :wastebasket: Trash (the optional icon can be added by right-click/edit on the notebook name with Joplin version v2.6.2+)

Now just move notes—instead of deleting—to the Trash Notebook, so they remain available to refer to, or move elsewhere, in the future.

You can streamline it further using the Quick Move Plugin which will let you quickly move a note to any notebook by use of a shortcut key.

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