Extend Copy To Clipboard functionality

Hi @ishantgupta777,
so I haven't been struck down by too many tasks recently.
Eventually, he is the first to-do topic we talked about.
I think this relatively easy as it has been already worked on.
Here are the PRs

and here is some other input

I think it is good chance to accustom to each other again :slight_smile:

Thanks Sir, I’ll go through all the PR’s and the issues. and then will start working on it.

great :smiley:

I know that situation is not easy at your place, so could you share your thoughts how much time you would spend on it to avoid to raise wrong expectation

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Sir I’ll try to give around 10 hours each week. And more if everything goes fine.

good news, try what you can do. When get into the flow things become easier :muscle:
If you need a break take it, just keep us posted

Keep in mind that at least for now the development is focused on:

What it means is that I don’t know when (if ever) I’ll be able to review pull requests for new features. I prefer to be clear about it so as not to give incorrect expectations.

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Sir, I got an internship. I’ll be working on making a startup from scratch for the new one-two months. I’m just getting started, so I’m not sure about my timings. Just letting you know so that you’re aware of what I’m doing. I’ll update you once things get clear.

Hi @ishantgupta777,
are you still around?

Would this request also allow to copy tables to clipboard?
Workflow: Copy Table and paste it in macOS Notes or Mail or somewhere else