Extend auto-pair to curly brackets

Even if ‘Auto-pair braces, parenthesis, quotations, etc.’ is checked, it works only with round and square brackets, but not curly brackets.
Could you please extend the auto-pair to curly brackets {...}?

Another thing: if math expressions are turned on, could auto-pair be extended to $...$ to enter math expressions faster?

Am I the only one who have this issue?

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Hmm, that’s interesting. It works, if you select a text and press {

It just doesn’t do it when you type { by itself. IMO this worked at some point, but maybe I remember incorrectly.

Yes I confirm that

It works, if you select a text and press {
It just doesn’t do it when you type { by itself.

So it’s a general problem, not only mine. Should I open an issue on github or this thread is enough?

What does happen in the Kitchensink (the demo ace editor)?

If it’s the same behavior there, you will have to raise the issue with them. Or ask them how to change the behavior to include the {.

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I tried and the behavior depends on the chosen programming language.
If I choose LaTeX, it works well. For other languages (eg CSS) the behavior is different: if I press Enter, after {, then you will have



and the same happens in Joplin!.
So, how did you implement it in Joplin?

We picked Markup of course.

Yes, of course. So, do you think that auto-pair in this way



instead of


is the expected behavior for Joplin or not?
I think it should be {}.

I don’t follow. If you switch the mode to markdown and the document to markdown in the Kitchensink, it’s the same behavior as Joplin exhibits.

As I mentioned before, this is rather a question of how we in Joplin can change the behavior of the Ace editor to make { behave the same way as the round and square brackets when typing.
This is a question for Ace support. We need to know how to make those changes in userland.

I asked to Ace support. Waiting for reply.