Eslint problem in vsCode

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What issue do you have?

Unable to configure the .eslintrc.js, please suggest the solution.


It would help if you describe what you've tried so far and what exactly is the error. The red squiggly lines aren't very helpful.

Which formatter is used by the project I'm facing issue with eslint and prettier can you please suggest what to do so that file format on save according to the given .eslintrc.js file ?

Sorry, I just don't understand the issue. You don't need to tamper with formatters, it all normally just works out of the box.
And if doesn't, again, tell us what you've done so far and what are the errors you're seeing, if any.

Just a guess but you did run yarn install right? Did it complete without errors?

Yes, yarn install run without even i start the desktop-app using the yarn start. I'm facing the code eslint code style ? files are showing error. Is there prettier behind the scene for creating problem. Can I start the with using eslint only in vsCode please guide me here.

Those are probably your editor default settings. Check your extensions and disable prettier and similar extensions at least for this particular project. We don't use prettier.

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