Error on latest dev branch

I'm getting errors on installing modules on latest 'dev' branch and got stuck at the last line of logs, is anyone else facing the same issue?


Are you on Mac? For me on Linux that step that fails for you (podInstall) seems to do nothing judging by how little time it takes:

[14:22:38] Starting 'podInstall'...
[14:22:38] Finished 'podInstall' after 274 μs

I'm not familiar with MacOS but tt seems to be missing some SDK, can you install it?

xcrun: error: SDK "iphoneos" cannot be located

Yes, i'm on macOS Big Sur v11.12.1 and also the continous integration failed for macOS, i found that in actions of github of my fork. Here are the logs for that :
1_Main (macos-latest).txt (96.1 KB)

I don't think this is relevant, it's not the same error.

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The other day, I've explained to you how to fix this error:

ok I think you need to setup your xcode environment, but for now let's skip pod install. Could you open this file: packages/app-mobile/tools/podInstall.js
then at the top of the function add "return Promise.resolve();"
so as to disable the whole function
then try again npm i

And Continuous Integration is not failing: Actions · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

Yeah but after even that i sent you a log Untitled - Pastebin
This is the error which arrives after doing those steps.

The master branch has not been used for almost a year. You need to use dev

Yes, that was wrong on my part

But could you have a look at these logs Untitled - Pastebin

I can't reproduce it, I think it may be something specific to MacOS

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This error doesn't make much sense, because it says it cannot find a function, but that function is defined in that very file. So there must be something not quite right with your environment.

How can i fix my environment then?

@coderrsid we fixed this error together two days ago. Please post a new error log if you're still having trouble.

Ohh shoot, i didn't post the second error i faced here,

Here are the logs: error#2 - Pastebin

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