Encryption is AES-128 or AES-256?

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As I understand it, at some point (prior to when I began using Joplin) the encryption was upgraded to AES-256, but then downgraded to AES-128 due to performance issues. However, I have been unable to confirm whether AES-256 was restored. I am using version 2.13.15 with encryption enabled. What level of encryption is being used?


P.S. As I also understand it, you can actually have records with different levels of encryption, which I am not asking about - I just want to know what encryption is employed for new records in the current release version.

AES-128 was used for Joplin desktop versions before v2.11.11 and has been used since v2.12.12.

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Laurent posted a note somewhere in the forum how to force re-encryption (which takes all notes to AES -256). Just search for that note.

Although it arguably does not matter, (consistent with muzak's reply) if you are using the current (release) version of the desktop app, the encryption apparently is AES-128.

I cannot see how muzak's "version X does this" is arguably .equal. to "Laurent explains re-encryption". I am sure you have your reasons to post this. The last part of your sentence is "not arguably" wrong.

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