Enable native support for Wayland in Linux

Currently Joplin application under Wayland in Linux uses XWayland to show the UI. When Wayland is used under HiDPI monitor (4K in my case), the XWayland sees the normal monitor (FullHD in my case). Therefore the fonts and all UI elements are scaled up and become blurry.

In recent electron 12 release there is a native support for Wayland, fix: add Wayland support by vially · Pull Request #26022 · electron/electron · GitHub It seems that the feature could be implemented by switching from 10th electron series to the latest stable release.

The issue is under research for VS Code and their application seems mostly working under this release. Native wayland support with newest electron · Issue #109176 · microsoft/vscode · GitHub


Switching from Electron 10 to Electron 12 will require extensive testing.
It might even be necessary to rewrite parts of the code.

The move to 12 will happen eventually, but it's not something that can be done in a few minutes.

@tessus thanks for the reply.

I know that this change won't happen for free. With this post I just wanted to show current limitations and a way to address them.

Ubuntu 21.04 will try to widespread usage of Wayland, many other Linux distributions are switching to this subsystem. Even Nvidia stated that they will eventually support Wayland in their upcoming releases.

I am attaching an example of the text that is being rendered in web browser that correctly supports HiDPI and Joplin running in XWayland. comparison — ImgBB

I just wanted to drop in an give a poke for this request. The majority of the electron apps we use have made the jump to Wayland, including VSCode, Slack, etc. Joplin looks totally blurry and extremely out of the place. With Ubuntu and others now using Wayland by default, it would be wonderful in Joplin could support Wayland. While I like Joplin, it is getting very tempting to switch to something else - a program that looks correct and native - if the switch does not happen soon.

While I am also looking forward to get native Wayland support sooner rather than later, I do think it is wrong to hold the developers hostage like this. Please remember that they're volunteers working in their free time.

This might just be a case of prioritizing on issues/features that are relevant for the largest group, and folks running Wayland would certainly be a tiny portion right now.


No hostage-taking intended - I am just expressing my support for this request and being honest as a user.

Joplin on Wayland with a high resolution display is blurry. Every other electron based application I an now be run with --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland and they work - and look - perfect.

I understand that I am right now in the minority, and there are bigger issues and features to address. At the same time, as a user I think its important to express when a bug is significantly annoying enough to cause a user to stop using an application. Also, as the parent poster noted, with Wayland becoming the default for the largest Linux distributions in the coming 6-9 months, this will also negatively affect any potential new users.

Each 3 month there is a new major release scheduled. Right now Electron 10 has reached end-of-support. Normally at the most, you should wait 6 months. Maybe Electron framework it’s a bit too much fast for small teams of developers.

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Upgrading Electron has become easier in recent releases so we should be able to upgrade it soon, especially if our current version is eol.


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