Emacs joplin-mode

I just made primitive joplin-mode for Emacs.

Emacs joplin-mode

Currently, it's not in any of Emacs package repositories (ELPA), but you can grab it from the master branch. You may need to install dependent packages (plz from ELPA).

joplin-mode uses Joplin Data API, so that you don't need to quit/start Emacs whever you need to edit Joplin note with Emacs.

Although I haven't test it thoroughly, it can run on one of configurations:

  • Linux or Mac
  • Windows Joplin + Windows-native Emacs
  • Windows Joplin + WSL Linux (Ubuntu) + Emacs on WSL + Windows proxy (mitmproxy)

Since I spent only a couple of days so far, it has a lot of limitations, but I believe it's usable enough. :slight_smile:

  • No attachment support
  • There is no notebook buffer view yet.
  • supported: Search, get the results(list of matched notes)
    • open the note, update note text, save the note
    • select one or more notes for deletion or move to another notebook.

Thank you JoplinApp team to provide the wonderful product, and API!