"Electron Builder" for distribution and updates?

I came across this, and it looks cool:

Does it seem like something that could enhance the installation and update process for Joplin? It specifically mentions app stores and signing, among other things.

(I recognize that if Joplin isn't using this already that it would probably be quite an ordeal to switch over to it. However, I'm a fan of anything that streamlines the user onboarding process since among other things more users = more support.)

That's what we already use actually.

Cool! Glad to see it supports the Mac App Store. [wink wink nudge nudge]

If I were to put in on the Mac App Store, I'd probably charge for it, as I expect the process is as time consuming and complicated as for iOS.

That's fair enough, and by comparison Cyberduck is free to download but $23.99 on the app store. Cyberduck is nagware if you download it but don't buy a license, but another option for monetization could be offering the base application for free but requiring in-app purchases for sync, ENEX import, etc. (for the App Store version). Of course there are other ways of doing it, as well, but freemium using App Store in-app purchases saves you from having to maintain your own licensing infrastructure while still offering a basic version of Joplin on the App Store for free.