Dropbox user limit exceeded

Can’t connect dropbox to the joplin. When I opened the link of dropbox to get access code. Its saying this
This app has reached its user limit. Contact the app developer and ask them to use the Dropbox API App Console to increase their app’s user limit.. Can someone please confirm if this is the issue from my end.

The limit has already been increased, and it doesn’t look like it can be increased further. I’m guessing it’s a one off, could you try again?

Still the same response, I am trying from Desktop version in windows. Before that I synced with phone and it worked, so either limit exceeded just after I synced with phone ( which is a really rare case, but possible ) or there is problem with Desktop version. I think someone else with the same configuration ( windows 10 variant ) can confirm this issue.

Just sparked up a Win10Pro x64 VM with Joplin v1.0.193 Portable. Dropbox (free account) sync was authorised and completed successfully. Then tried again using a new install of the 1.0.193 desktop version which was also authorised, then connected and synced.


Ohkay, thank you so much for confirming that its something from my end. Let me try again with a complete new install and also with a different account.
Can you please confirm this is the link you are opening, with your joplin account while syncing.

Same URL, apart from the clientID of course.

Okay thanks, then must be something wrong with my account.

Best is to contact Dropbox about it, or maybe post on their forum.

@ishantgupta777 did you manage to resolve this? I’m having the same issue now.

I actually switched to nextcloud. I am not sure about dropbox

Turns out these limits are separate for debug and release versions. The issue I had was with the debug version but switching to the release build fixed the problem.

This makes it harder to investigate dropbox sync issues but at least there’s a workaround.

Good catch, the debug keys had a limit of 1 user, which I’ve now increased to 500.