Dropbox Sync Location


I was considering Evernote due to photo's and formatting after being a simplenote user for nearly 3 years, but glad I found Joplin as Evernote looks to be on the way out and nothing else seems to work the way I want (notion, onenote).

This has not been asked before but issues with duplicate Dropbox backups has been a topic of discussion on this Forum.
I am trying to find out if there is anyway of getting my portable Joplin to work from the Dropbox apps location?

I am using version 2.11.11 downloaded today, and put it in my Dropbox portables folder.
I synced with the iOS app, and it connected through the Dropbox Apps folder.

I now have 2 copies of the Joplin folder structure, including photos on my computer.

I do not use any storage (outside of Windows or installed software) not inside my Dropbox folder (2tb DB, 2tb laptop, only Windows and Fusion sit outside DB). My computer works from mainly portable software and files stored within my local Dropbox.
I don't care about the performance or functionality losses of the way it is setup, my computer is business critical to my life and work and being up and running on a new machine in 15 minutes is more important than an extra 10% performance (one laptop stolen, one water damaged, both times I lost no more than an hour without access).

I understand why a local and the Dropbox apps folder exists, but is there anyway to change the local to use the apps folder instead?
It would also be nice to have one combined folder if my next device is mac, because it seems like that would make a third storage location.

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