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Does anyone have tutorial on how to sync using syncthing

I want syncthing as the syncing method anyone can help me? i wanna sync with my phone desktop and tablet

Yes, there are many posts on this forum. Unfortunatelty after reading 24000 posts, I can't tell you which ones. Maybe a search might help?

No, don't try this. He is pulling your legs. Search isn't neutral, it brings up an unbalanced view on the subject. Just posting - you have the right to do so - works just fine.

My answer was not meant as a joke. There are numerous topics on the subject. I'm sorry that I don't know off the top of my head, which ones are the most promising.

@ajay don't tell anyone what I mean (when you clearly have no idea) nor interpret anything I write by putting words in my mouth, or I will silence your account.

just go ahead, pal

Follow the instructions at Syncthing questions.

As a minor point: Syncthing, Joplin, and iPhones don't work well as a good combination. While it's easy to get Joplin and iPhones to work together (great mobile app, OneDrive/DropBox integration, etc.) and get iPhones and Syncthing to work together (with MobiusSync app), it's impossible to have Joplin use your Syncthing directory on the iPhone. See my investigation on this recently: Synchronize Joplin using local directory on iPhone